How to Create a General-Purpose Robot: A New Blog Series

In my last blog post, I discussed the importance of honesty in communications, marketing, and storytelling in the tech industry. Honesty is becoming increasingly important as the AI and robotics industries continue to evolve and grow. In the early days of Sanctuary AI, we were carving out an entirely new industry that the general public only took slight interest in. This year that has changed. There has been a huge shift in interest towards both AI and robotics. The need to explain why humanoid general-purpose robots (GPRs) are necessary has lessened: many more people are aware of the labor challenges organizations are facing and the unsettling implications worker shortages have on sustaining our way of life. But on the flip side, the need to explain what humanoid general-purpose robots are and how they are made has grown. 

We love that people are interested in our work. And as we’ve stated publicly many times before, we want to help everyone to work more safely, efficiently, and sustainably. As a company that is at the forefront of the humanoid general-purpose robot industry, we have a unique opportunity–and what we feel is an obligation–to help educate people on general-purpose robot technology and what we have learned through our work. That is why we are releasing a new blog series titled “How to Create a Humanoid General-Purpose Robot.” 

“How to Create a General-Purpose Robot”: Series Explained

Over the next few weeks, we will be publishing a series of blog posts that explain our methodology for creating humanoid general-purpose robots. The series will cover what we see as the three essential components of creating a humanoid GPR: human-like intelligence, human-like form and function, and human-like senses. Although some of these parts are more challenging to create than others, all of them are of equal importance and have an interconnected relationship. 

While there are companies that have successfully created components of the triangle, like human-like legs and senses, no one has created human-like intelligence yet and very few companies are focusing on all three of these components to the same extent as we are. Here at Sanctuary AI, we are mindful not to fall into the special-purpose trap that would have us fail to accomplish our mission. Special-purpose technologies have a limited work scope; general-purpose has a broad, general-use. You can see the impressive breadth of tasks our 5th-generation humanoid general-purpose robots can complete in this video entitled “60 Tasks, 60 Seconds.” 

How to Stay Updated on the Series 

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Ben Reed
Sanctuary AI


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