Augmenting human creativity

At Sanctuary, our goal is to understand the human mind well enough to build one in a machine.

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A refuge, a haven, a sanctuary

The year was 2018. Co-founders Geordie Rose, Suzanne Gildert, Olivia Norton, and Ajay Agrawal established Sanctuary as a safe place for those with a shared passion in AI and robotics to gather and work collaboratively on perhaps the most complex technical challenge in front of humankind: how to build a human-like brain and system that’s capable of executing human-like tasks in a safe way.

As ambitious as that sounds, we believe now is the right time to make it happen.

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Understanding success

What does success look like? Great question. We will know we have been successful when, to a person observing one of our general-purpose robots, it is not possible to tell whether it is being directly operated by a human pilot or whether it is being controlled by its built-in autonomous control system.

Leaders with vision
and purpose

Geordie Rose
Suzanne Gildert
Olivia Norton
Ajay Agrawal
Geordierose 9 22
Geordie Rose

Co-Founder & CEO

Suzannegildert 9 22
Suzanne Gildert

Co-Founder & CTO

Mattellis 9 22
Matt Ellis

SVP Engineering

Philipsmith 9 22
Philip Smith

Chief Financial Officer

Jameswells 9 22
James Wells

Chief Commercial Officer

Benreed 9 22
Ben Reed

Chief Marketing Officer

Olivianorton 9 22
Olivia Norton

Co-Founder & CIO

Bradbycraft 9 22
Brad Bycraft

VP of Operations

Thomasmahon 9 22
Thomas Mahon

VP of Intellectual Property

Zacengler 9 22
Zac Engler

Director of Talent Acquisition

Board of Directors
Geordie Rose
Suzanne Gildert
Ajay Agrawal
Martin Reed
Mark Evans
Dave Cummings
John Watson
Investors include
Partners include

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Assembling world-class talent in artificial intelligence, cognition, and robotics

Our mission, goals, and optimistic growth plans have created what will be for some people life-changing and career-defining opportunities. Join us and work with people with a shared passion for AI and robotics, and play a vital role in helping people work more safely, efficiently, and sustainably.

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