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Hosted by Geordie Rose & Suzanne Gildert, trailblazing the creation of the world's first human-like intelligence in general-purpose robots.

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Experts in AI, Machine Learning, and Robotics

Geordie Rose (CEO) and Suzanne Gildert (CTO) are co-founders of Sanctuary AI and the hosts of the Sanctuary Ground Truth podcast. Listen as our brilliant hosts discuss topics related to AI, machine learning, and robotics, with occasional visits from other expert guests. 

Geordie and Suzanne previously worked together at Kindred, which Suzanne founded, and Geordie held the title of CEO. Kindred was the world’s first robotics company to use reinforcement learning in a production environment. Prior to Kindred, Geordie founded D-Wave (the world’s first quantum computing company) and again had a close working relationship with Suzanne, who ran technical marketing for the company and worked on porting AI algorithms to D-Wave’s quantum annealing hardware.

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Ep. 24 | Company Structures and Mission-Driven Organizations
Ep 23Web Thumbnail
Ep. 23 | Why Do You Believe What You Believe?
Ep 22 Web Thumbnail (1)
Ep. 22 | Data-Driven Models and the First-Person Experience
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Ep. 21 | Defining Success: Metrics and Evaluation in Humanoid Robotics
Web Thumbnail (4)
Ep. 20 | Space, Time, and Beyond
Ep 19 Thumbnail
Ep. 19 | The Aesthetic Journey and Intersection of Art with Robotics
Ep 18 Web Thumbnail
Ep. 18 | Calculating the Data Needed to Train Human-Like Intelligence
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Ep. 17 | Unveiling the Position Paper and Answering Questions
Web Thumbnail (2) (1)
Ep. 16 | A New Way to Measure Intelligence
Web Thumbnail (2) (2)
Ep. 15 | Ask Me Anything with Geordie and Suzanne
Web Thumbnail (1) (1)
Ep. 14 | Building Human-like Intelligence: Instruction Set, Missing Links, & Task Planning
Ep 13 Thumbnail
Ep. 13 | Robot Perception, Building Inner World Models, and Motion Planning
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Ep. 12 | Building Human-like Intelligence in Machines: Robotics and Simulation Technologies
Web Thumbnail (1)
Ep. 11 | Human-like Intelligence and How to Build It
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Ep. 10 | Phoenix and Carbon Unveiled: Public Reactions and the Path to AGI
Thumbnail Episode 9
Ep. 9 | Hardware, Simulation, and Big News
Ep 8 Thumbnail
Ep. 8 | Meet Professor Ajay Agrawal
Ep 7 Thumbnail (1)
Ep. 7 | AMA Session with Geordie and Suzanne
Thumbnail Ep 6
Ep. 6 | Creating Digital Copies of Ourselves
Episode 5 Web Thumbnail V2
Ep. 5 | Measuring Intelligence in Machines
Episode 4 Web Thumbnail
Ep. 4 | Building Human-like Robots and Aligning AI with Human Values
Episode 2 Thumbnail V2 (1)
Ep. 3 | Workflow Process Explained: Training AI to "Work"
Episode 2 Thumbnail V2
Ep. 2 | LLMs, Nature of Consciousness, and General-Purpose Technology
1 The Intro
Ep. 1 | Human-Like Intelligence in General-Purpose Robots



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