Sanctuary Guiding Principles and Corporate Values


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Sanctuary Guiding Principles
We Are Mission-Driven

With one objective: to create the world’s first human-like intelligence in general-purpose robots. Mission success is the only arrow on the compass that guides our work. To be first, we must act with unwavering urgency, in everything we do.

We Rise To The Challenge

What we are doing has never been done before. We embrace the magnitude of our mission and face it head-on, with tenacity, speed, and positive determination. We do whatever it takes to ensure we hit our milestones on the road to mission success.

We Row Together, We Win Together

No matter how great our facilities or capital, we will always maintain the humble mentality of a small, wooden rowboat. Our strength comes from forcefully rowing together towards the same common goal, with each one of us pulling their weight. We stay steady on the course as a team–impervious to distractions and relentless against waves–to reach our destination.

We Act Responsibly

In everything that we do, we take matters of safety, security, confidentiality, privacy, and trust very seriously.

We Are A Sanctuary

For our employees and for the future. We are a group of technologically-aligned people, working together with high principles and utmost confidentiality within our Sanctuary. When we successfully achieve our mission, we will provide a Sanctuary for generations to come, with solutions to many of the greatest threats to our way of life.

Sanctuary Corporate Values
Mission Evangelism

Sanctuary is on a mission to create the world’s first human-like intelligence in general-purpose robots. Our commitment is unwavering: mission success is what motivates us, propels us forward, and inspires our every action. When presented with two paths, we always choose the one that gets us to mission success the fastest.  When we are successful in achieving our mission, the benefits will be far-reaching and impact our entire civilization.

Tenacious Achievement

Once, twice, three hundred times: we never quit and never give up. In striving to achieve we may fall short, maybe once, maybe several times, but we have faith that our persistence and tenacity will overcome. We apply lessons learned until success is achieved.

Collaborative Trail-Blazing

Innovation is at the core of what we do: we are charting a course no one else has traveled. To be as innovative as possible, we work together, share with one another, and take pride in our work as a team. Individual success is collective success and vice versa.

Steadfast Leadership 

In work as profound as ours, there is no margin for error. Leadership is not a title, but an attitude and one that we must all embody. Being a leader at Sanctuary means having a bias for action: we are never idle, always thinking about what we could do to accelerate mission success, and we all lead by doing.

Pragmatic Optimism

We did not choose our mission because success would be easy: we chose it because our technology is a necessity to ensure the continued flourishing of civilization and our way of life. It is the ultimate apex of the human-guided advancement of the technium. We respect the complexity of our goal and tackle it with resolute determination and focus. We stay in our lane and do not let internal or external politics or distractions steal our focus. We are confident in our strategy and are steadfast in our optimistic outlook for the future.