Matt Ellis Named Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Sanctuary AI

Sanctuary Cognitive Systems Corporation announced today that Matt Ellis has been named Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Sanctuary AI, expanding his previous role as Senior Vice President of Engineering as Sanctuary has developed. Matt will continue reporting to Sanctuary AI Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Geordie Rose and will oversee the company’s Product Management, Machine-Learning, AI & Software Engineering, Hardware Engineering, Manufacturing, and Customer Experience teams. Matt has played a pivotal role in the rapid evolution of software, hardware and building Sanctuary AI’s unique general-purpose robots and AI control system, building the team and the integration of powerful third-party partner technologies

“As we continue to evolve and succeed as a company, the demand for product management has grown and requires dedicated attention. As such, I'm excited to share that I am naming Matt Ellis Sanctuary AI's Chief Product Officer,” said Geordie Rose, Co-Founder and CEO, Sanctuary AI. “This role expansion is both in recognition of the additional responsibilities that Matt has taken on, such as overseeing manufacturing, as well as a function of the need. Matt's steadfast leadership and extensive enterprise technology experience spanning architecture, security, and privacy will continue to set Sanctuary AI up for even more success.”

Ellis previously advised the Sanctuary AI leadership team before joining the company in January 2022. Ellis came to Sanctuary AI with more than 25 years of commercial product development experience built upon artificial intelligence, machine-learning, cloud and edge computing, IoT, simulation, high-performance computing, and autonomous systems. Ellis has a demonstrated track record in research and development leadership, having worked in large and small enterprises. He has held senior leadership roles leading artificial intelligence, digital transformation, and product engineering organizations in multiple companies, including Amazon, HP, IBM, and startups.

“Sanctuary AI is a pioneering company on the cusp of a significant technological advancement that will help everyone work more safely, efficiently, and sustainably with human-like intelligence in general-purpose robots,” said Ellis. “In the year I’ve been at Sanctuary AI, we have smashed development milestones and continue to rapidly iterate our technology. I am thrilled to be working alongside such talented individuals and am confident our rate of development will continue to exponentially grow.” 

Ellis holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics from University College London (UCL) and a bachelor’s degree in Theoretical Physics from the University of Kent.


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